Our Philosophy

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have if it wasn’t for the help and support of others throughout my life. Because of the love, support, and help given to me, it is my honor and privilege to pay it forward so that others have greater opportunities to live their life to their fullest potential.

With the above in mind, 50% of profits are reinvested into the business. This allows Martial Bodies to grow and help provide services for many other people who want to improve or even begin their martial arts journey and improve their physical performance.

The other 50% of profits is evenly distributed between the following programs:

Local: Martial Arts scholarships for students in need

Our Philosophy 1

Growing up, my mom, a single mother, did everything she could to provide for us. Even with everything she did, we only had enough money to meet the necessities of life and on the rare occasion having enough for simple luxuries like kerosene for the space heater to provide supplemental heating in the winter for our drafty trailer. I was only afforded the opportunity to train in martial arts due to the generosity given to me by others for free or at a reduced price. Because of that generosity, Martial Bodies provides martial arts scholarships for students in need.

National: Wrestle Like a Girl

Our Philosophy 2

Regardless of the situation, my mom demonstrated great strength, determination, and courage to provide for us. She’s my guiding light and a source of inspiration and admiration for the empowerment of women. In appreciation for my mother showing me that women are far more than capable of doing more than they are given credit for – or even opportunities to do more, Martial Bodies supports Wrestle Like a Girl (WLAG).

Founded by Sally Roberts, a 2x World Bronze Medalist in women’s wrestling, WLAG works to promote female wrestling and cultivate the whole athlete in developmental process. They operate on the premise that girls and women across the United States should be afforded opportunities to participate in wrestling. WLAG

International: Pencils of Promise

Our Philosophy 3

My mom, like most of my family, never went to university. Like many others that come from families like ours, I never thought that university was an option for me. My good friend’s mother took me under her wing and began to prepare me for college. At the time I thought it was silly, and at the same time I humored her. I took my SAT, and while I passed, I only achieved moderate scores. Unphased by my scores, she continued to encourage me and helped me understand that it didn’t matter where I came from, it is my own potential and effort I put forward that determines what I achieve. While I didn’t attend university until late in my 30s – after serving in the Iraq war, it was because of her I even thought that I could have a chance of going to university. In honor of her inspiration, Martial Bodies supports Pencils of Promise.

Pencils of Promise is a global community that believes everyone deserves access to quality education. They build safe schools, support teachers with innovative resources, and provide students with health programming in order to increase education outcomes. They rigorously monitoring the effectiveness of every program, project and pilot that they implement. Every dollar donated online goes directly to their programs to educate more children. All of their Country Directors are from the country they lead.




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